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Be yourself. Be straightforward. It sounds so simple, so easy, but not for me, an ex-womanizer and a player. Beautiful women amaze me.

I tailored my game to fit whatever personality I found the woman to be. I would customize lies to fill in the needs of whoever I was talking to.

I don’t know how I look to them, nor do I know what they see in me, but I do know the feeling when I disappoint them.

If I make a joke when they are expecting me to be sincere… OH MY GOD – I get raked through the fire! I feel hell hath no fury!

But when I’m honest and I connect straight from the heart, that is the single most greatest feeling in the entire world. I love to feel that. I feel like a 200 mph NASCAR at full throttle or a 300 mph quarter mile DRAGSTER with flames flying out of my headers!

Have you ever seen a single, solitary snowflake or watched snow fall slowly from the sky? At the moment, that’s how it feels when I hold her heart in my hand. It’s Luciano Pavaratti when he hits the crescendo.

When I speak to her from my heart and she receives me, it’s a very beautiful thing.

So why is it so hard to just be normal, to be myself and be straightforward? The same reason that jumping out of a plane even with a parachute is scary, exhilarating and bewildering, but oh so beautiful and ultimately, oh so rewarding.

Your Eyes

I have never seen such beautiful eyes.

I stand here mesmerized.

Electromagnetic energy ignites your eyes ablaze

I am utterly amazed

Your eyes are like sapphires in your face

Like the river-your eyes more beautiful than the Nile

When I look in your eyes I feel my soul smile

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