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Sea of Tears

Listen to my tears drip-drop in the streams of time. 

Washed away with the flood of time. 

Reflecting on those times, 

it seemed no end was inclined; 

Eternity was no friend of mine. 

Troubled waters of the mind, 

but no reflection of mine, 

for me to see in that troubled sea. 

O God! What will become of me?

As tears continued to flow without cease, 

a voice spoke to me; 

All things must come to a cease. 

Even the pain you deem to be without cease.

So rise with dry eyes and slay the beast, 

and come out of this troubled sea. 

Shine forth and know who you are.

So now I say, hear ye, hear ye, all with eyes to see. 

Be not deceived by the troubled waters of the sea,

for surety it will come to a cease.

And a new day and a new dawn will shine forth for all to see.

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