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Andrew “Smiley”, 38
Incarcerated: 16 years
Housed: Sing Sing Correctional Facility, New York 


Oh, how I love the word love

Doesn’t it feel good when somebody you love says to you, I love you.

Love is big and love is small, but love does conquer all.

Love is deep and love is street, However,

Love is tough and sometimes ruff, yet, love will call your bluff.

Love is Freedom, and love is loving yourself.

Love is giving and receiving.

Love is patient.

Love does not see skin color.

Love can be dark, but love can also be a spark.

Love could be jealous and crazy.

But there is no love like the smile on a baby.

Yes, love hurts, but love also forgives.

Love is strength and love is gentle.

Love is definitely monumental with a little sprinkles.

Love is cheap and can be very expensive.

Love is sweet and relentless.

Love is clueless and love is music.

Love is self centered

Love is a choice, love is the sweetest voice.

Love is you, me and everybody.

Love can also be lost.

Love is sorry, love is sad, but love also wears a smile

because love can never stay mad.

Love is your family tree

If it wasn’t for love there would be no us, because love is in everything we do.

Love is what created everything including me and you.

Remember, there is only one thing in our galaxy that can

subdue hate, and that’s the power of love.

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