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Ojore is an innocent man wrongly convicted in 1999 for crimes he adamantly insists he did not commit. He is housed on California’s Death Row at San Quentin State Prison. Ojore is a published poet whose pen is raw and unrelenting in expression and emotion. His poetry speaks to the real life experiences of love, struggle and hardships of prison, poverty, and growing up Black in America.

“Take Me to Heart” is a chap book of poems compiled to offer a diverse and intimate look inside death row as Ojore sees it and lives it. The poems touch the heart and inform the mind. This chap book is Ojore’s clarion call to those who stand against injustice and for the abolishment of the death penalty. Stranded on California’s death row at the San Quentin State Prison, he asks for your support to challenge the injustice imposed on him and to overcome the obstruction of justice by the State.


Author’s Biography:

I am a father, grandfather, poet, artist and essayist, but more importantly I am an innocent man stranded on California’s Death Row. Decades living on the row has shaped me into a prisoner of conscience and conscience. Not only have I had time to self-reflect but I have engaged in self-rehabilitation, growth and development. While fighting for my life, justice and freedom, I have written my death row memoir, three poetry books and I’m currently writing a second manuscript. If you wish to learn more about my life, my plight and to stay abreast of my growth, development, writings, productivity or #ojorespeaks, here is my link to, social media: @justice.for.ojore,  reeojore

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