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Osbun, 73
Incarcerated: 23 years
Housed: San Quentin State Prison, San Quentin, California

The Beat Within

My Dearest Brotherly Beloved David,
Sitting here listening to some smooth soulful jazz of David Sanborn “Pearls.”
I am reminded of our Reneverance
no words nor actions could express.
On our introduction your smile, your voice and your firm hand shake
gave me an awesome feeling that we have known one another forever.
To me, you David are that family member I came to know
what endless blessings is all about,
becoming a part of your pearly foundational creation.
Being a valued humanitarian
connecting with love and positive insight to people
is an unselfish and godly act.
You have restored worlds hidden in plain sight,
helplessly shut away in various pits of darkness and silence
you brought them light and life.
Your image the bright light of life,
your foundational creation creates responsibility in helping,
in loving others in kinship.
Through us you will continue,
the journey you founded
is as endless as the stars above us.
I was once a lost pearl
you found me
such as my brothers
The Beat Within.

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