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James, 46
Incarcerated: 9 years
Housed: Chuckawalla Valley State Prison, California

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Bout Time

In the time it takes for time to pass you by 

Time in the blink of an eye 

For when your eyes close time still thrives

When they open again time 

No more than when it begins

I don’t know if time is my enemy 

I’m not sure if time is my friend

If time never stops shall I never end

Time soothes me 

Time moves me

Time don’t lose me 

Time use me

Time hold up 

Time wait

Time don’t be late

Time diminish my fears 

Time soak my tears

Time correct me 

Time don’t reject me

Time select me 

Time don’t forget me

Time I’m ready 

Time be with me 

Time don’t miss me 

Let me tell you bout time…

Time required 

Time design

Time desired 

Time be kind 

Time be mine

Time take a chance 

Time never end

Time understand

Time reveal 

Time heal 

Time be patient

Time just don’t be wasted

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