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Somebody Lied to Us

Gerald, 41
Incarcerated: 16 years
Housed: Osborn Correctional Institution, Connecticut


They told us selling drugs was the way to go.

Get money and share with your boys, 

you spread unity.

What they didn’t tell us

was that we’d be killing our community.

They told us to stay strapped. 

Keep that hammer on your side,

And if you see an opp you better ride.

They told us get down with a gang 

no matter red or blue,

Stay loyal to your gang

they will stay loyal to you.

They told us religion is not for us 

so fuck church on Sundays.

If we do go with Nana it’s back to thuggin on Mondays.

They told us a lot of stuff

we believed it.

Now I think enough is enough. 

I’m no longer listening cause somebody lied to us.

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