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You see… Its even the little things that I miss. 

Like a pillow to lay my head on, and a choice of what to get when I walk up to the fridge. 

The touch of a woman, and the voice of my kids. 

Coming home from work, and drinkin a few beers. 

Having a normal conversation with someone who cares. 

Going on Youtube to find something to jam… or watching a funny movie, just because I can. 

I miss going to the beach… I miss going out to eat. Taking out the trash… and cutting the grass.

Taking the boat out, and going fishing with my dad. 

I miss my boys, dad, sisters, mom, and little girl. 

I miss taking a ride in the country, sightseeing…. 

the birds and the squirrels. 

I don’t know why I keep coming back to this place. Away from the things that I love, and here with the things that I hate. And I stay up late… stressin…praying to the LORD, hoping that he hears me, and offers me a blessing.

I’m a broken man…a complete mess. 

But I know I need to stay strong, because it’s all just a test. I keep telling myself that it’s going to get better…that this is all going to end. 

I’m 100% Christian, but I’ve been living in sin. I’ve been working on myself, to become a better man…I’ve been dancing with the devil, but I’m here to take a stand. 

I’m too strong of a person, and taken advantage of while I’ve been sick. 

I’m not easily defeated, so when I fall down, I jump up real quick. 

I’ll keep my legs movin’…. and eye on the prize. And stay away from fake people, because they’re all in disguise. 

But like I said…it’s even the little things that I miss. But for now, all I can do is close my eyes, and make a wish… 

for the little things…the little things that I miss!

– Dustin

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