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Carbon, found about one hundred miles underground in mantle is seemingly worthless until it goes through a refinement consisting of heat and pressure; the end result of the process is a priceless gem known as a diamond.

The making of a diamond is a powerful metaphor which aptly parallels Charles Carpenter’s troubled past. Charles Carpenter’s life was riddled with poor choices, bad association, lack of confidence, and low self worth. Finally after many years in prison he realizes that value was buried deep within him the entire time.

Similar to the refinement process of carbon before becoming a precious diamond, so too did Charles Carpenter go through a refinement process. He began the metamorphosis by making the decision to step away from gang life, and changing his warped thinking patterns. Charles offers practical steps to cultivate inner value and ultimately become a diamond.

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Charles continues his quest to deter our troubled youth by providing rich insight and experience through his dynamic and often controversial books.

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