Meet Tyrone

Thinking of all the good times I had

why did everything have to go bad

from the top of being happy

to the bottom of being sad

I started looking for a way to escape the pain

I found drugs as my savior

and threw my whole life down the drain

getting high became a full time job

stealing from anyone I didn’t care who I robbed

I never thought I would take me this far

I said goodbye to my house and farewell to my car

I was even at the point of being a star

my family and friends said Tyrone look at who you are

I stared in the mirror for a short brief time

I tried to find myself but I knew I was gone

skin and bone is all I saw in my reflection

I was at the crossroad no more intersections

death was my angel but God was my protection

and since I knew that more dope through injection

I wanted it all until I fell

getting high was like having a ball

then I thought of all the people that I loved the most

and that’s what saved me

when I hit the floor and overdosed

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