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Dear Diane & HoSQ Team,

I send my best wishes for health, peace and joy.

I had received both of your correspondences, including copies of the edited pieces and the certificate of recognition.

I have to say, I’m deeply touched by your kind consideration, effort toward amplify my story, and the outpouring of support. Your words, especially, had struck me as a call to action, and I promise in one form or another to continue to … “shine a light with every cell around the globe”

I understand that you have heard from Fien Nguyen. He is presently my bunky and a trusted friend. It is very likely that you will hear more from some of our friends and acquaintances in the near future.

To plan a flower-or in your case, a story- is to believe in a tomorrow. We believe in the mission of HoSQ and will do our part to bring awareness to it.

Thanks for the invitation. My parole hearing is scheduled for late next year. Once released you will definitely hear from me.

I did get a message from Sophie and had responded to it. With that said, I again wish you and everyone at HoSQ peace, health, and joy. Stay positive and Test Negative. 🙂



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