I have enclosed a picture of me / my artwork in the making. It’s a portrait of a husband / wife done in my signature style called “stippling” (dots). It takes some time to do but is so-o-o detailed.


Artist Fabian, 43

At 16, I was released from a hospital for depression, suicide attempt and substance abuse. My sister introduced me to art and I quickly fell in love with the POP art movement. I submitted to depression and drugs a year or so later, and wouldn’t rediscover my passion for art until I was sentenced to a 99 year sentence for murder. For several years I nurtured the dream of being a filmmaker. Art is mainly a hustle now. I do portraits for guys in exchange for books, magazines, and commissary. The books and magazines are always about the movie-making and screenwriting craft, and sometimes business. Whatever can give me a better edge toward accomplishing my goals. I plan to have an art company upon my release, which will include: portraits, kids’ rooms, and murals in order to fund my filmmaking goals. Fortunately for me, my sister is an assistant curator for the Museum of Fine Arts, Huston.



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