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Creative Educational Damage

If my original artwork could be summed up in three words, it’s creative, educational and damage. They are also an acronym for my initials. When I put my art pieces together my goal is to stir something up inside and to formulate interpretations. I hope this creative experience will spill over into your life. If I can educate others, it pleases me very much. Damage, I believe, grabs people’s attention and brings lasting change. Some of my art will express situations most artists veer away from. As humans if we are not allocating for true change within our society, how can there be true unity?

As a fat kid, I used drawing as an escape and still do. Once I learned I could visually put my thoughts on paper and pass hours of the day creating my world, I fell in love with art. As a child, I enjoyed tackling the hardest situations. That’s why I took up portraiture. Understanding human anatomy and how it works together is fascinating to me. You must understand the inner before learning the outer.

One of my main inspirations was Leonardo DaVinci. His creativity taught me that everything in life is art. With that knowledge, I came to the realization that life is art and art is life. The reason I submitted my art was to simply let people experience the artistic feelings it gives and hopefully give them the feeling of love visually through my eyes.

The definition of art is “A Human Creative skill activity resulting in the visual representation of nature.” Life is Art and Art is Life.

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