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Humans at this Location

  • Saragoza, 43

    If a loved one is not in a good space, I give them positive reinforcement and make them laugh. Then, tell them all the reasons I appreciate them and why they are a rockstar!
  • Robert, 63

    The walls were stained with every substance imaginable. The peeling point was a sad testament to the hopelessness and despair etched on the faces of the few men who stirred from their curtained bunks to check out the new guy.
  • Danny, 33

    Upon my release I want to have my own youth ministry. I can empathize with the youth because of what I lacked and experienced growing up. I just wish there was a program like mine that could have reached out to me and shared their experiences so I wouldn’t have come to prison.
  • Dennis, 54

    It’s not easy to come to the point where you want to change your mindset. It can be a mentally painful process. I still have a lot of fine-tuning to do. It comes in increments, when it does, it feels good. My heart and mind feel nourished.
  • Michael “Money”, 49

    I’m not comfortable in prison, but I am comfortable when I know my family and loved ones are good. Incarcerated:...

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