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Paper Coffee Painting

How do I paint with coffee? Instead of paint with brushes, I use a paperclip to paint. Using the tip and slanting the paper clip sideways paint larger spaces.

It is tedious work and requires patience and a steady hand.

The first step, I use a small plastic medicine bottle cap to place the coffee into. I use Folgers Freeze-dried roasted coffee. I scoop a small amount of coffee into the cap flush and even. It’s a very small portion next, I use only a couple of drops of water into the coffee.

Making the coffee thick, and dark. Stir evenly to smooth out the syrupy coffee. It’s ready to go! I use a large paperclip and bend it to a semi-straight point. I do draw with a pencil first if it is a detailed painting, but I do paint freehand.

Can’t remember if you’ve read my “Thank God it’s Friday” story but it’s about a gift of giving and serving, back in the midst of my past pediatric phlebotomy days. That helped me develop a steady hand back then too!

What does paperclip coffee painting do for me? It gives me a peaceful and calming in the midst of our incarcerated/quarantined life away from our family (no contact visits). Limited access to showers, yard, cold food, and impossible social distancing. I miss all of you, followers, free-staff, and my family. I haven’t seen my family (regular visits) in over 2 years.

I hope you like the story and paintings. Thank you, Diane, Juan, and the awesome loving Humans of San Quentin team. I totally miss you guys.



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