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A year in review

It was a bad year for the planet.

Every creature on the face of the Earth endured the pain and/or loss.

Yet a Mercy, even though we do not understand it.

From one of the worst natural wildfires ever in Australia.

A blaze that killed a billion exotic animals.

Displacing kangaroos, koala bears, and humans alike.

A year in review.

2020 ended the orange man’s antics.

His support for proud boys.

And denouncing BLM.

“When looting starts the shooting starts”, said the former president.

Deadly ICE raids.

Continued construction of a wall meant to prevent “rapist” Mexicans from crossing U.S. borders.

Distaste for Haitians

And Asians

And any person not of European descent.

Races and Nations of people that slaved.

Who were hanged and slain.

Were Raped.

Who died for America


Help build America


be American.

“We The People”…

A Year In Review


The “Chinese disease”

“Originated” in a wet market.

Made its way overseas.

Killing millions,

Tearing families, lives, and societies apart.

That’s the highlight and low of 2020’s fresh start.

A Year In Review

The divine basketball league took a legend,

When Kobe died in that tragic crash.

So many mourned.

Skyscrapers lit up Gold and Purple, illuminating the cold and dark night skies for many to see and millions to remember.

Black Mamba.

Kids wore Jerseys.

Old folk wore L.A. caps.

It was all love and unity until they remembered the hand they were holding was black.

Until you’re walking your dog in the park and a black man tells you, you are violating park regulations…then you call the police on him for “harassment”.

Until, your iphone goes missing and you see a black teen with an identical phone.

It has to be yours…

Only to find out you left yours in the Uber.

Until, you see two HBCU students sitting peacefully in their car during a protest and you smash in the car windows. Tasing them and breaking one’s arm with unnecessary use of force.

Until, that knee sat steadily on George Floyd’s neck.

“I can’t breathe” became the motto.


I can’t breathe hundreds of years later.

After my mothers, mothers, mothers, mother put in work for me and my brothers to be black and free today.


Brianna Taylor and the hundreds of other young colored folk who aren’t here today.

Because we are black we are not free.

We pay.

A Year In Review

Shout out to RBG and John Lewis.

You stood up against hardships and inequality by any means.

Courageous influencers, that’s who you are.

From standing side by side with MLK jr.,

To the young Jewish woman from Brooklyn, who broke the glass ceiling over and over and over.

Setting standards for words and actions.

You exemplified what justice is.

Still, America falls short.

Like Amanda Gorman said,

Just is,

Not always the acceptable norms identified as justice.

A Year In Review.

Music connects persons, souls, and broken hearts.

So even Musical notes cried in 2020

Sending blessings to heaven.

Music connects persons, souls, and broken hearts.

So even Musical notes cried in 2020

Sending blessings to heaven.

For many of Music’s Great like,

Little Richard

Kenny Rogers

And Eddy Van Halen

For those who were too new to know.

And even if known, only time will tell if we forget.

King Von

And “Pop” who got smoked out West.

They say, If you live by the gun, you die by the gun.

It was all too soon,

But I guess you chose the life you wanted to live.

A Year In Review.

Time claimed the lives of some of theater and televisions Boss Men.


Alex Trebek

And Chadwick Boseman.

Dry outta tears, we can’t cry.

We can’t try.


Have been in and through rough times.

But we must try to,

Be remembered and remember to,

Do and be better.

To, succeed and excel.

To, strive for heaven while living in Hell.

To, rest in peace knowing that it’s not over.

Not just  because of tomorrow, but because yesterday is still new.

And vicegerents of the earth have a chance to change the unknown with a year’s review.

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