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My Dearest Humans of San Quentin Family!

I hope I can consider y’all family because I definitely consider y’all family!
Seeing and hearing what’s happening with Humans of San Quentin within these walls and how people are reaching out, it is impressive! It’s impressive because in these groups we learn about community, fellowship, brotherhood (not the Brotha-hood), you feel me?

Seeing and hearing transformations of these mostly criminal thinking “brothas” that are now showing their vulnerability on their sleeve because it no longer equates to shame.

I hear the stories. I see the Humans of San Quentin pens and stationary floating around so we can keep communicating our humanity, transformation, and criminal thinking conditions.

I want to let you know I see change in the prison and that is because of you, so I’m giving you your just desserts for being people who are getting involved.

Thank you!



PS: Thanks for the pictures for the Buddha class!

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