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Dear Diane, Juan, Marcus, Joe, Rosita, Andrea and the voluminous number of volunteers.

Hello, Team of Humans of San Quentin organization,

Thank you so much for the wonderful surprise. I had really no idea what would happen when I wrote some of my thoughts down and sent it off to you all. Not only was I shocked, I couldn’t stop smiling all day. Just having an outlet means so much to me. At my darkest moments, I nearly gave up. But something fabulous kept me from going through that door of eternity. The thought of going down without having fought for something righteous. It was either take myself out or allow the beast in my soul to release. Rather than continuing to hurt people, lead gangs of men to destruction, I chose to live for more.
When I was looking for an outlet to build a positive platform on, a guy I didn’t even know gave me your information and it changed my life. So thank you for your passion and dedication, you give me the strength to be positive and lead others down a righteous path. I’m inspired to write books about life on the streets that lead so many to this prison world. As a great artist, I’m creating a series of children’s books complete with magical meaningful art. You all gave me hope in a hopeless situation.

Your organization proved to me people care and they want to hear our voices. You brought humanity back to me and I’ll work tirelessly to get as many people as possible to write to you so they can too feel inspired like I do.

Sincerely, with love and respect:

Courtney D. Sargent

You can give my contact info to anyone who asks for it. Any way I can help you all grow, I will.

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