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Dear Diane, Juan, Joe and the HoSQ Family,

Peace be unto you! I want to thank you guys for using my story, as well as for your utterly life-affirming words and comments. It is my belief that those of us who inflict great harm incur an equally great debt to bring healing, redemption, atonement and reconciliation into this world. Jo Jo and her grandfather are just two of many angels God has sent into my life to help me heal and become a better human. I now count Humans of San Quentin as a collective of angels who are further assisting my growth and development as a fully changed human being.
I loved the responses to my piece, and I am hopeful that I will receive more new friends in the coming weeks and months. I am currently up for consideration of a clemency from Governor Pritzker and I am praying that I will get the opportunity to go out and positively impact my community. Particularly our young folks who are in danger of falling prey to the perils of our society.

Lastly, thank you so much for just being a place where someone like me can be received, accepted and embraced with forgiveness.

PS: I have spread your info around!!

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