Meet Gabriel…

“Addiction and misplaced loyalties drove a wedge between my family, friends, work, and my community.”

Gabriel, 35

Incarcerated: 4.5 years

Housed: Valley State Prison, Chowchilla, California 

I’m ‘Straight Outta Compton’ born at Martin Luther King/Drew Hospital and raised in West Los Angeles, my hometown. A rough patch of land proved to be the pressure needed for this diamond-hearted man with a heart of gold. A very beautiful distance from the Hollywood Hills, Dodger’s Stadium, and the USC campus. The Starlight is so close, and I miss walking Sunset Blvd and chilling across from the Wilshire Wiltern Venue. I had never really taken into consideration my actions. Addiction and misplaced loyalties drove a wedge between my family, friends, work, and my community. I was sent upstate to rehabilitate and to learn to correct my anti-social behavioral issues, mental disorders, educational goals, and addiction issues. My substance use disorder held control for much of my life. I was given a gift that has liberated me from addiction and behavioral anti-social problems by fully committing myself to recovery and personal development through Integrated Substance Use Disorder Treatment, Cognitive Behavioral Intervention, and guidance, support, and stable housing. I can now move on to a life with a career, sobriety, and someday become a father who can love my own family. I can now be a better brother and uncle. “Love life, it will love you right back.”


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